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Opening Ceremony ─ A significant gathering of specialists on tourism from official, academic, and business fields.

Registration Desk Opening Hours
Tuesday 27 June          08:30 ~ 12:00
Wednesday 28 June      08:30 ~ 18:00
Thursday 29 June         08:30 ~ 12:00

Name Badges
It is imperative that you wear your name badge at all times, even to the social functions. Should you lose your name badge, please speak to the staff at the Registration Desk who will make you a replacement.

10 computers with wireless internet of free charge are ready at the lobby for participants’ use from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Message Board/Information Board
Please note that there is a Message/Information Board next to the Registration Desk. We ask that you check this on a regular basis for updates, and in case someone is trying to make contact with you.

Chairpersons & Speakers-Important note
All Chairpersons and Speakers should ensure they are at their nominated session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their session. Loading of presentation onto the computer will be done immediately prior to the session. Please ensure you have a copy of the Chair/Speaker notes provided to you.

The conference dinner party was held in Ballroom (19:00~21:00,26 June) to celebrate the coming together of the big group of delegates and taste some of the culinary highlights of Taiwan. Chairperson of the committee sincerely encourage all participants and guests to joint the dramatic trip to Taroko Gorge.

Keynote speaker, Prof. Chris Ryan, is presenting “HOSPITALITY & TOURISM EDUCATION: TRENDS in RESEARCH” and the participants are showing their interest in and attention to the topic.

KEYNOTE SPEECH Prof. Thomas Baum
Taking the High Road: Sustainable Practices in Human Resource Management for Hospitality and Tourism(09:00~10:00 V+C)

Tom Baum assumed the role of Head of Department of The Scottish Hotel School in 1998 and stood down from that position in 2004. Tom's research and publication interests have a strong international focus. His prime research has a strong human resource management flavour, applied to hospitality and tourism. Particular work focuses on hospitality/tourism education and training, especially at a national level. It will be an elaborate speech. We look forward to your present.

There will be one session of research presentation individually held at Red room, Orange room, Yellow room, Green room (10:30-12:00). The present topics are including Service Quality and Management in Tourism / Hospitality / Foodservice Industry, Research in Tourism/Hospitality/Foodservice Industry, Destination and Image Analysis in Tourism / Hospitality / Foodservice Industry, Financial Model and Econometrics of Tourism / Hospitality / Foodservice industry. They are presented by the researchers from well-known universities and colleges among different countries. We expect a high attendance.


Comprehensive publications on tourism

Today, we arrange a fantastic trip to Taroko National Park. In this afternoon, you're able to run in a land of vertical precipices with narrow, picturesque ravine. The road section that extends from the entrance to the Taroko Gorge to Tianhsiang is almost 20 kilometer. Along the route, we’ll see all sorts of different types of terrain- sheer cliffs, broken ridges and terraces. “ The Swallow Grove” and the “ Nine Curves Cave” are the most narrow sections of Taroko Gorge, and they are also the most popular sites to stop and take a photograph.

  • Shakadang Trail (Sha Ka Dang Bu Dao)

  • Eternal Spring Shine (Chang Chun Ci Bu Dao)

  • Pulowan Recreation Area

  • Swallow Grotto (Yanzihkou) Trail

  • Tunnel of nine Turns (Jiucyudong) Trail

  • Tianshiang: Tianshiang was originally the home of the Ta Bi Duo of the Taroko tribe. Nowadays, it is the eastern entrance to the Cross Island Highway. It has a bus station post, a post office, stores, the Grand Formosa hotel and the Tianshiang Youth Center.

This evening, the organizer, Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College will hold a CAMPUS PARTY, (19:00-21:00), Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College (THTC) has a serene and broad campus surrounded by magnificent mountains and streams. The school is located in the western part of the Huatung Valley and lies east of Taiwan’s Central Mountains. Surrounded by the mountains, rich fields, and streams. THT is a college renown for its department of Food & Beverage. We hope you will enjoy a taste of various culinary techniques.


Tasting Aboriginal Food


Tasting Aboriginal Food


If you would like some light relief and be interested in some sightseeing in downtown Hualien, you can speak to the staff on the desk about organizing evening activities. And, of course, you are able to taste some local specialties and purchase souvenirs that produced around Hualien.

Transportation Information
Daily Shuttle Service (Complimentary)

Date From (Time) To (Time) By Remarks
June 26—29 1.Unique Holiday Inn
*FarGlory Hotel
Shuttle Bus * Venue.
June 25—29 2.FarGlory Hotel
*Unique Holiday Inn
Shuttle Bus *Downtown 
June 25—28 3.FarGlory Hotel
*Unique Holiday Inn
Shuttle Bus *Downtown

*Gather: 1. Unique Holiday Inn Lobby.    2. & 3. FarGlory Hotel Lobby.


Today’s Tours (Complimentary)
FarGlory Hotel (FGH) -- Taroko National Park (TNP) -- Campus Dinner (THT)

Date From (Time) To (Time) Remarks
June 27 1.FGH (p.m.12:30) *TNP (p.m.13:30-16:30) *Taroko Tour (Guide Provided) +
**Campus Dinner Party.
  TNP (p.m.16:30) **THT (p.m.18:00-21:00)
  THT (p.m.21:00)    FGH (p.m.21:30)
June 27 2.FGH (p.m.17:30) *THT (p.m.18:00-21:00) *Campus Dinner Party Only.
  THT (p.m.21:00)   FGH (p.m.21:30)

*Gather: 1. & 2. FarGlory Hotel Lobby.